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The No. 1 in Switzerland

HERA menstrual sponge 🌿 Feel the difference!

The No. 1 in Switzerland

HERA menstrual sponge 🌿 Feel the difference!

Freedom with HERA menstrual sponges! 🌿 The gentle and natural sponge adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle - perfect for everyday life or for sports, spa and even for intimate moments. Each sponge can be reused for at least 3 months and you save up to 250 disposable products/year. It's incredibly easy to use: wear it for up to 8 hours, then easily remove it with the removal thread, quickly rinse it with tap water and reuse it straight away. Our water-soluble tabs are ideal for deep cleaning and you can change your sponge on the go with the To-Go Case.

Choose from different sizes and benefit from the absorbency of a real sponge! And if you want, you can easily get more with our flexible subscription. Pause, cancel and save at any time. 100% money back guarantee!

Period? Forget about it!

HERA menstrual sponge: 100% natural, highly absorbent and as soft as a second skin – you will forget your period!

Your starter set

Make yourself comfortable! The starter set contains everything you need to switch to natural menstrual sponges: 3 sponges with thread in different sizes, water-soluble cleaning tabs for safe and quick cleaning and a discreet case for on the go.

Sponges with retrieval threads

vegan cleaning tabs

To-Go Case for on the go

Also available separately
Set of 3 HERA menstrual sponges
Hestia To-Go Case
AthenaPure cleaning tabs
Set of 3 HERA menstrual sponges

with retrieval threads made of medical silicone. Extra hygienic, reusable and with its own closure.


Frequently asked questions about our menstrual sponges:

Can I wear an IUD in combination with the HERA menstrual sponge?

  • Not every menstrual product is suitable for use with an IUD. For example, the menstrual cup can be problematic due to the negative pressure (vacuum) it creates, as it could pull the IUD out of your body. In contrast, the soft material of the menstrual sponge does not create negative pressure, so you can use it with an IUD without any problems.

How many HERA sponges do I need for my period?

  • The set consists of three menstrual sponges that you can use alternately during your period. If you want, you can also use the same sponge for the entire cycle.

How long can I use the HERA sponges?

  • It is recommended to change and wash menstrual sponges every 2-3 hours, but no later than 8 hours. You can then rinse the sponge thoroughly with tap water and reinsert it immediately or use a different sponge. Don't forget to let the sponge that is not currently in use air dry thoroughly before storing it in the sanitary bag.

    The sponges are reusable for at least three cycles. With careful care, they can also be used beyond this period - the duration of use depends on your personal care and the intensity of your period. However, the sponges should not be used for longer than a year. After their useful life, they can be disposed of in organic waste, where they will decompose naturally, which means 0% waste for you and the environment.

How can I change the sponge on the go?

  • Our Hestia To-Go Case is specially designed to make changing your menstrual sponge on the go as easy as possible. Here's how to use it:
  1. Compact size : Thanks to its foldable structure of only 2 cm, the case fits easily into any bag so you can always have it with you.
  2. Sponge change :
    If you want to change the sponge while you're out and about, take a fresh replacement sponge out of your to-go case. Moisten the new menstrual sponge with tap water at the sink. Then you can replace the used sponge with the fresh one at your leisure. Then store the used sponge in the case.
  3. Cleaning : Once you get home, remove the used sponge from the case, clean it according to the usual instructions and let it dry. The case can also be washed with mild soap to ensure it stays clean.
  • With the Hestia To-Go Case, you can ensure that you always have a fresh sponge on hand and can store the used one safely and hygienically until you get home. It is the ideal companion for on the go and the silicone is odorless.

How do I clean the sponges hygienically?

  • To clean the menstrual sponges optimally, we recommend using our Athenapure cleaning stick before and after your period. (Alternatively, you can also place the sponges in a water-vinegar bath with a ratio of 2:1, but the effectiveness of this method is not guaranteed.) Here you can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use it:
  1. Wash your hands : Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the sponge or sponges or the cleaning tabs!
  2. Prepare water : Fill a bowl with 500 ml of lukewarm or cold water.
  3. Add Purifying Tablet : Add an Athenapure Purifying Tablet to the water.
  4. Soak the sponge : Place the menstrual sponges in the solution and make sure they are completely covered by the liquid and the tab dissolves.
  5. Soaking time : Let the sponges soak in the cleaning solution for at least 20 minutes.
  6. Rinse thoroughly : After soaking, rinse the sponges thoroughly first with cold water and then with lukewarm water.
  7. Application or drying : Gently squeeze the sponges to remove excess water and insert one sponge (or two for double leak protection) for use with the tweezer handle or leave them to dry completely in a dry and well-ventilated place. The bathroom is not suitable for this. Also, do not dry the sponges on radiators or with a hairdryer.

How it works:

Easy to clean, wear for up to 8 hours, rinse quickly and reuse immediately - for many months! ♻️

New: Add value to your days!


Super fast cleaning

New cleaning tabs make your menstrual sponges shine in minutes for the fastest cleaning ever!


Remove in seconds

With the world's first removal threads made of medical silicone, removal is as easy as with tampons - only more hygienic and super sustainable!


Easy sponge change on the go

The lockable and foldable to-go case allows you to change quickly and safely on the go! The case fits in any handbag and the sponge can be easily washed out at home later.


Clean all sponges including retrieval threads in just a few minutes with vegan cleaning tabs.


The sponges are then rinsed with tap water.


Squeeze the sponge and insert it. The sponge does not need to be inserted as deeply as a tampon.


Max. wearing time 8 hours. Sponge can also be used at night. Rinse and reinsert before sleeping.


Remove sponges using tweezers or use a retrieval thread.


During your period, rinse sponges with tap water. Then reuse them immediately or let them air dry and store them in a hygiene bag.


After your period, repeat step 1, let it air dry and store it in the hygiene bag.

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