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100% Natürlich
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 Entdecken Sie natürliche Menstruationsschwämme und den HERA organics aus der Schweiz. Nachhaltige Menstruationsprodukte von HERA organics bieten Komfort und Umweltbewusstsein. Qualität, Natürlichkeit, umweltfreundlich.

Experiences with the menstrual sponge from HERA organics

The use of menstrual sponges as an alternative period product has increased significantly in recent years.

HERA organics as the brand for menstrual sponges

As a Swiss brand, HERA organics has specialized in menstrual sponges - free from harmful substances, chemicals and ZERO waste!

Not sure yet? Then convince yourself here: Experiences of our customers

Many of our women and customers are already enthusiastic about our HERA organics menstrual sponges and are happy to share their experiences with you in the link !

The decisive factor for the many positive reviews is the increased wearing comfort that the use of menstrual sponges offers. The menstrual sponge offers more freedom of life and fewer restrictions in everyday life - regardless of whether it's sports, spa or even during sex!

Is this experience with the menstrual sponge not enough for you? Then maybe the aspect of sustainability and environmental friendliness of the little all-rounders! Because the natural sponges are 100% natural, reusable and therefore no more period waste.

Many of our customers also report that the HERA organics menstrual sponges are easy to use. The advantage is the small size of the sponge and the reusability - it has space in absolutely every handbag and women don't have to worry about buying or forgetting tampons or pads.

Conclusion on the experiences with HERA organics

According to our customers, HERA organics is a great alternative to conventional period products. Do you also think that conventional period products do not yet cover all of your needs? Is it because you want to live more environmentally conscious, more sustainable or more comfortably - or because conventional period products lead to vaginal dryness or leave you with too much period waste? Then try the sponges from HERA organics! We will be happy to advise you at any time if you have any questions and are there for you!

You can read all the testimonials about our sponge on Trustpilot and see for yourself!