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Always stay nice and spongy and start the day relaxed!

Do you remember the first days of your period, characterized by the unpleasant feeling of dryness and the uncomfortable wearing of tampons and pads? Added to that was the constant worry about blood stains and the guilty conscience about the mountain of waste you produced. But that is now a thing of the past! With the gentle, sustainable and compostable menstrual sponge from HERA.🌿

NEW: Retrieval threads, cleaning tabs and a practical case for changing sponges on the go!

  • Cleaning:

    The HERA organics menstrual sponges are thoroughly cleaned before and after your period with our AthenaPure cleaning tabs. During your period, tap water is sufficient.

  • Application:

    The HERA menstrual sponges are inserted using the tweezer handle and removed again using the removal thread. The sponges do not need to be inserted as deeply as tampons.

  • Duration of use and disposal:

    The HERA menstrual sponges are reused alternately for around 3 monthly cycles and then disposed of in organic waste/composted. This creates 0% waste for you and the environment.

It has never been so easy to use: the new starter set contains everything you need!

Before first use:
Before touching the sponges, wash your hands thoroughly. For the first use, place the sponges and the retrieval threads in 500 ml of cold water to which a vegan cleaning tablet has been added. After 20 minutes of intensive cleaning, rinse the sponges first with cold and then with lukewarm water and squeeze them out well - now they are ready for use! Tip: The retrieval threads can be removed for cleaning, boiled for 5 minutes and then reattached to the sponges.

Alternative cleaning method:
Soak the sponges including the retrieval threads in a water-vinegar solution (2:1) for at least 5 hours and then rinse them with tap water. Use mild, light vinegar.

Introduction guide:
Using the HERA menstrual sponge is easier than ever thanks to the world's first starter set with cleaning tabs, removal threads and a to-go case! Gently squeeze the sponge while it is wet and insert it into the vagina. It does not have to be as deep as a tampon or menstrual cup. Its soft structure means it adapts perfectly to your body and the medical silicone removal thread is not noticeable.

Wearing time and distance:
On days with heavier flow, the sponge should be rinsed every 3-4 hours. On lighter days, you can wear one or even two sponges at a time (for double leakage protection) for up to 8 hours. It can also be worn overnight, but be sure to rinse it before going to bed. To remove, simply pull on the removal cord or use the "tweezer grip". To make it easier to remove, tighten your pelvic floor muscles. After rinsing, it is ready for use again immediately.

On the go and storage:
With the foldable to-go case that fits in any handbag, changing sponges on the go is child's play. Simply carry a fresh replacement sponge in the case, moisten it at the sink, store the used sponge in the case and clean or rinse it at home. You can then insert the fresh sponge as usual. A discreet change is therefore possible in a matter of seconds! The sponges can be reused immediately after rinsing or replaced with a new sponge. Rinse the used sponge well with tap water and let it air dry in a dry place. As soon as the sponge is dry all over, store it in the hygiene bag. A little tip: Due to the high humidity, the bathroom is not suitable for drying.

After the period:
After your period, clean all used sponges with cleaning tabs or the water-vinegar solution. The 6 tabs in the packaging are enough for 3 cycles, as one tab is used before and one after your period. Retrieval threads can remain on the sponge during the cleaning process or, alternatively, can be boiled in hot water for 5 minutes. (Of course, you can also remove the retrieval threads completely during use, if necessary.) After drying, store the sponges and retrieval threads in the organic cotton hygiene bag until the next use.

  • The menstrual sponge is not suitable:
  • In case of infections or inflammations
  • For the postpartum period
  • as a contraceptive
  • for boiling


Frequently asked questions about our menstrual sponges:

How can I change the sponge on the go?

Our Hestia To-Go Case is specially designed to make changing your menstrual sponge on the go as easy as possible. Here's how to use it:

  1. Compact size : Thanks to its foldable structure of only 2 cm, the case fits easily into any bag so you can always have it with you.
  2. Changing the sponge : If you want to change the sponge on the go, take a fresh, damp replacement sponge from the to-go case. After removing the used sponge, you can store it in the case to clean it later at home.
  3. Cleaning : Once you get home, remove the used sponge from the case, clean it according to the usual instructions and let it dry. The case can also be washed with mild soap to ensure it stays clean.

With the Hestia To-Go Case you can ensure that you always have a fresh sponge on hand and can store the used one safely and hygienically until you get home. It is the ideal companion for on the go!

Why should I use the cleaning tabs instead of the vinegar-water solution?

Using the cleaning tabs offers several advantages over the traditional vinegar-water solution:

  1. Efficiency : Our cleaning tabs are specially designed to clean menstrual sponges thoroughly and effectively. They reliably remove all residues and provide a deep clean in just 20 minutes.
  2. Simplicity : Using the tabs is straightforward and requires no mixing ratio or additional ingredients. You simply place a tab in the water and add the sponge.
  3. Skin-friendliness : Our vegan cleansing tabs are pH neutral, which is especially important since the sponge is used on a sensitive area of ​​the body. In contrast, vinegar can cause irritation in some cases.
  4. Environmentally friendly : Our tabs are vegan and biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice.

While the vinegar-water solution is a tried and tested method, the cleaning tabs offer a modern, effective and faster alternative.

What is the quickest way to remove the sponge?

  1. With the world's first reusable removal thread, you can remove the menstrual sponge just as quickly as tampons!
  2. Relax: Before you begin, take a moment to breathe deeply and relax. Relaxed vaginal muscles will make removal much easier.
  3. Correct position: Some women find it easier to remove the sponge while standing, squatting, or with one leg on the toilet seat or the edge of the bathtub.
  4. Don't pull: Don't just pull on the sponge. Instead, use your vaginal muscles to gently push it out as if you were urinating. This can help bring the sponge closer to the vaginal opening.
  5. Use your index and middle fingers: gently insert them into your vagina and try to grab the edge of the sponge. When you reach it, squeeze it slightly and gently pull it out.
  6. Gentle pressure: If you are having difficulty reaching the sponge, apply gentle pressure with your pelvic muscles. This can help push it deeper into the vaginal canal, making it easier to grasp.
  7. Don't be discouraged: it may take a few tries to get the hang of it the first time. With time and practice, it gets much easier.
  8. Tools: A small mirror can be helpful to observe the process the first time and make sure you are doing everything right. At the same time, you will discover your body!
  9. Hygiene: Remember to always wash your hands before and after to minimize the risk of infection.

These tips should make removing menstrual sponges easier and less stressful. Every woman is unique, so it can be helpful to try different techniques to find what works best for you.

How deep must the sponge be inserted into the vagina?

The menstrual sponge does not need to be inserted as deeply as a tampon and can be placed right at the beginning of the vagina. Due to its soft structure, the sponge adapts to the natural anatomy of the body and is not noticeable.

Is the sponge a contraceptive?

The menstrual sponge is NOT a contraceptive but can be used with an IUD without any problems.

Which vinegar is suitable for the water-vinegar solution?

We recommend using a mild, light vinegar, which is designed to kill any germs and neutralize your pH level. Mild, light apple cider vinegar is also suitable for this. Do not use vinegar essence under any circumstances, as the acid content is too high and can have a negative effect on your vaginal flora. As a better, safer and faster alternative, we recommend using our cleaning tabs instead.